Champagne Hangover

Yoga is not just attending class, it is a daily exercise

                                                                 By Victoria Karolenko

There are days where things just do not seem right; everything seems to be going wrong.  “If you feel like you’re swimming upstream then your life is probably not in alignment,” said Karen Dubs, 42, cofounder of Flexible Warrior.  Dubs speaks highly of “the alignment factor”, which is the act of aligning your physical and spiritual being.  It is no secret that everyone in today’s society is busy.

Take A Breath

               We are constantly running around and trying to be the most efficient.  Those of us that are busy tend to be envious of those that chose to slow down and take a breath.  Specifically “yogi” types, who go to yoga class everyday at 6 am religiously.  Most of us have tried to attend yoga regularly or said, “I will run everyday” as a New Years resolution.  Lets be honest, most people just do not have the time.

Karen Dubs, founder of Flexible Warrior, is an inspiration.  Although it is easy to become envious of her flawless looks, killer rock body it is her personality and outlook on life that leaves an impression.  Karen’s road to yoga wasn’t easy or cliché.  She suffered from lymes disease, which was debilitating.   Dubs, formerly a non-stop marketing director, now owns Flexible Warrior yoga studio.

Dubs has the opportunity to work with many individuals, including professional athletes, marathon runners and other endurance athletes.  When asked what her favorite type of client to work with, it took Dubs some time to decide upon an answer.  Then definitively answered, “athletes”, said Dubs, “for sure, they have a focus and serious attention to detail.  They show up with different intentions, they have a desire to do and be their best.”

Just as Dubs appreciates athletes, she also despises the attention. If looking for one reason only to appreciate Dubs, it is the fact that she does not gloat about working with professional athletes.  She appears annoyed when the focus of discussion turns to athletes.

To Dubs, any student that is willing to learn and giving their best is the perfect student.  Intention is a main pillar in Dubs teachings; she goes on to describe how intention is the setting of a goal about how you want to feel.  Whether the goal is to feel focused, calm, relaxed or to feel strong.  Any student can succeed, once they set their intentions. “If you have good intentions like karma (which is based upon actions) you will have good results” said Dubs.

Dubs graciously came in, spoke and taught yoga to a mass communications class at Towson University.  “It was interesting to breathe our an extra two or three seconds”, said Delfina Ezcurra, 22, a senior at Towson University.  “When you do that you feel a calm space at the end of your breath.  I thought she [Karen Dubs] odd for saying it but I truly felt it in my exhale.”

Yoga Can Be Used Any Day

                  Although the yoga class was not well anticipated, students seemed to appreciate Dubs exercises.  “I never thought a simple breathing technique could be so useful,” said Ezcurra. “Immediately after fixing my posture and slowing down my breaths I felt relaxed. I didn’t even think I was tense at the time.”

Yoga does not always have to be attending class.  It can be straightening your posture while at work or focusing your breathing to calm and align yourself.


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